Franz Heredia Gómez


I fervently thank our Almighty God for allowing me to receive this honorable mission today. I also thank all members who placed their trust in me by electing me as their Worthy Grand Patron; my purpose is to consecrate all my being in not disappointing them.  I fraternally greet all of you who accompany us in this illustrious Installation Ceremony of Officers of the Grand Chapter of Bolivia.

By assuming this responsibility together with all Grand Officers, we want to express to you that we will give our best and try to emulate those Brothers and Sisters who signed and approved the Constitution of the Grand Chapter of Bolivia. With their example and brotherly love, they have contributed to the spiritual and moral enrichment of our Order. My respect, gratitude, and admiration for all of them whose legacy will guide our steps and actions.

I assume this position with responsibility and with the full conviction that the principles of the Order are increasingly relevant in the world in which we live, with the primary purpose of creating an environment that is truly dedicated to Charity, Truth, and Loving-kindness, by lifting each other up through study, deep introspection, and through service in our communities. We must ensure that the ties of brotherhood are inseparable companions of our actions.

This message has as its main objective the UNITY of our Grand Chapter in order to make it bigger, more comforting, more universal, more nurtured, friendlier, more dignified, more decent, more fraternal, and always with an eye on progress. We will work hard to collaborate with our share of responsibility to ensure that the Grand Chapter of Bolivia occupies a place in the vanguard of the Order of the Eastern Star. For that, we must avoid selfishness, greed, and personalization. Let us commit ourselves to work together, this year and every year, for the permanent and constant aggrandizement of the Order and of the society to which we owe ourselves.

Times have not been easy we have lived, particularly during the last two terms. The unexpected pandemic that has hit the entire world has deeply upset our daily actions. Our rites and the way we practice our fraternal ties have had to be reviewed and reoriented to adapt to the critical contingent environment. In the Chapters we have lamented the departure of unforgettable and valuable Brothers, relatives, and friends; however, we have known how to navigate through the stormy times of crisis, of distancing, aspiring, even in that unimaginable context, that our work is even better. Philanthropy, fraternity, mutual support, and love for our fellow men remained effective, a fact that was demonstrated by the virtuality of our meetings, the creativity in the development of activities, and the almost heroic decision to practice charitable actions for our members and for society.

We are a community that assumes as a practice and conduct the high values of brotherhood, tolerance, philanthropy, freedom of conscience, human rights, rectitude, prudence, dialogue, peace, and respect for the law. We work without hesitation to embody those values in virtues that adorn our personality and our deepest convictions and give an indelible seal to our conduct. We must continue building this feat individually and collectively, for the prestige of the Order and for the good of our society.

It is our task to always seek integration into the Order with great respect, tolerance, fraternity and love; so we can understand that only by being united we can achieve our own improvement and that only united the stars can illuminate the Universe. Let us leave one hundred percent of ourselves in all Chapter work, let us always seek to return home, strengthened and convinced that we are not wasting time, on the contrary, we should feel happy and satisfied to become better as people.

Man and History! Who builds whom? A man carries history in his consciousness, history carries man after his essence. How many died with her, and how many lived for her? It is that man transcends when he is capable of making history and he makes history when he is capable of building his immortal work. I want to thank the Creator once again, for allowing us to be present today at this act that begins the 2022-2023 management of the Grand Chapter of Bolivia. Let us consecrate this as the period of fraternity, solidarity, and mutual support and fervently ask the Creator to give us enough Light and Wisdom to conclude this effort successfully.

Blessed be the Order of the Eastern Star, which gives so many benefits to Humanity!



Only United the Stars Illuminate the Universe


Pigeon. It symbolizes peace, purity and serenity. The white dove is a messenger of hope and love.

Crossed swords. It symbolizes power, protection, intellect and manifestation of abilities that can be important to make changes in life. 


Guardian. A station that is related to the union and internal harmony that must reign in the meetings of our Order. His emblem is the dove, a symbol of peace and harmony.

Sentinel. A station that is related to surveillance and security to bring our meetings in harmony. Its emblem is the Crossed Swords, a symbol of protection.


Prudence. Cardinal virtue consists of reflecting and distinguishing the good from the bad, in order to act or give our opinion in the most correct and moderate way in different circumstances.

Temperance.  Cardinal virtue that refers to the moderation of worldly interests through the control of the will, temptations, and disordered desires, through reason. It empowers us to take responsibility for the way we act and make use of the goods and gifts we possess.


"See how good and pleasant it is for brothers to live together in harmony" Psalm 133:1

COLOR: White

It means Purity, Delicacy, Simplicity


Mandala. It is a sacred symbol of healing, wholeness, and integration. It represents life, the cosmos, and eternity. Energy Center of Balance and purification that helps on the path to self-knowledge, calm, and serenity.


Liz flower. Symbolizes the tree of life and the union of the earthly with the divine, perfection, light, resurrection, and the grace of God who illuminates.


White dove. It symbolizes peace, purity, and serenity. The white dove is a messenger of hope and love.